Kerosene and Diesel Fuel

4 Nov 2018
Joseph Russo

Some people who purchase a fuel tank or other equipment that may require emergency fuel delivery or construction fueling do not take into consideration of the differences between diesel and kerosene or other fuel, when planning for fuel tank needs or heating oil products. The choice of product you choose and the type of fuel you use will be very important ensure routine delivery and regular fuel delivery is a part of your plan for a long maintenance-free and healthy system.

Some equipment will require specific additives to make them work correctly and ensure that the fuel tank can easily accept emergency oil delivery or routine delivery without complications arising. There are also certain services that will help to improve or maximize the efficiency of your fuel tank and overall project completion goals.

Kerosene has been in use since the mid 1800s’. It is a petroleum based highly combustible hydrocarbon liquid. This fuel must meet specific industry standards that are part of the ASTM these standards may vary depending on whether the kerosene is used in a portable system or in a “home” or “construction” system. There are specific instructions with equipment sold utilizing kerosene that a person must adhere to in individual state Energy Departments and the Federal Energy Commission.

In addition, it is important to determine emergency oil delivery, routine delivery, and general construction fueling costs as well as the capabilities of the product that will require a fuel tank and diesel fuel.

It is very important that a person, deciding on the kind of product that will meet their specific needs, talk to professionals who can provide important information on the needs of installation, costs, maintenance and repair in the area they live.

It has always been our intention to meet the highest standards in quality, quantity and service. We will be happy to describe the fuels we carry and the different prices involved.

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