Safety Tips to Remember When Preparing for Onsite Construction Refueling

18 May 2018
Joseph Russo

Over the years, storing diesel fuel for onsite construction has provided many conveniences for a contractor. They have found this enables them to save money by keeping their equipment operating without having to stop for refueling. At City Oil, Inc., we are happy to work with construction companies to provide the best diesel fuel storage and refueling program possible.

One of the primary concerns of a construction contractor is that of safety. This is especially true in diesel storage.


Diesel Fuel Storage

Many construction projects, which involve a great deal of movement, prefer to install and maintain a bulk diesel fuel tank. This requires compliance with a number of federal, state and local regulations which must be followed when using an above ground storage site. Portable Diesel Fuel Tanks are especially popular on construction sites.

At City Oil, Inc., we are happy to provide diesel tanks that range from 275 to 3000 gallons with standard 110 Volt or 12 Volt pumps. These tanks can be filled with a regular fuel delivery. We also offer an “on call” emergency oil delivery. This is essential in any project that involves construction fueling.

Regulations, such as keeping the area around a diesel site tank clear, no smoking signs and checking to be sure the fuel is free of water and contaminants, are just a few of the safety requirements concerning diesel fuel tank safety.


Changing Diesel Oil and Air Filters

First, turn off the engine. This will eliminate possible damage to yourself or the engine.

The majority of diesel engines have two fuel filters. One, called “primary”, can be found between the engine and the fuel tank. This cleans the fuel before reaching the fuel transfer pump. The “secondary” filter is located near the engine. This filter provides a final cleaning of the diesel prior to reaching the fuel injectors.

Whether you are changing a filter, or simply run out of fuel, it is essential to bleed the system to remove air bubbles and start a new supply of diesel moving through the motor. Most diesel engines are built with a manual primary pump and an air-bleed screw for this purpose.


Starting a Diesel Engine in Cold Weather

Any user of a diesel engine knows that cold weather can cause a start-up problem. At City Oil, Inc., we furnish red dyed/off-road ULSD premium diesel fuel, blended with additives, to protect the fuel against this startup problem.

Some engines come with a variety of heaters installed to make the start-up easier. If these are not included when the vehicle is purchased, they are available where diesel engines are sold. These include block heaters, battery warmers and oil warmers which are designed for specific start-up problems.


Using the Right Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is rated by its Cetane (easy to ignite and fast burning) and has more energy per gallon than gasoline. Our winter diesel (AE) fuel is enhanced by additives which keep it liquid in extremely cold weather.

In addition to servicing fuel tanks, we also specialize in on-site construction fueling. This means dispensing diesel fuel from our truck directly into your equipment. This method is sometimes more efficient for fast moving equipment.

For more information regarding our City Oil diesel fuel service and products, give us a call at 800-581-0000 or go online and contact us at and we will be able to further explain the services we offer our customers as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.