The Importance of Onsite Fuel Storage and Delivery

15 Jun 2018
Joseph Russo
With the onset of summer, construction is underway and, naturally, heavy diesel vehicles are in constant use. Whether it is a routine delivery or an emergency fuel delivery, it is important to keep safety at the top of the list when fueling these types of vehicles.
Safety precautions for diesel fuel differ when you have a storage tank rather than direct or emergency delivery.
Onsite Diesel Storage
When there is a huge construction site it makes sense to have a storage tank on hand. This eliminates the need of having vehicles out of operation because of the lack of available fuel. At City Oil, we can furnish diesel tanks ranging from 275 to 3000 gallons with a 110 or 12-volt pump.
When you have this type of tank it is essential that you have the following type of signs displayed:
If you shut down at night and do not have a night watchman, you should have an emergency sign posted in a convenient location. It should have the name of your company, business hours and an after-hours telephone number where at least two people can be contacted in case there is a fire or an emergency. A direct emergency facility phone number should also be posted.
Always keep a dry chemical (Class B) fire extinguisher near the diesel tank and be sure the tank is located in an isolated area.
Direct Or Emergency Diesel Delivery
At City Oil, we are happy to arrange for direct delivery of diesel to your site. This allows your construction job to move as needed without worrying about a storage tank. This delivery can be made on a scheduled or emergency oil delivery basis and be assured that you will never have a job delayed because of being out of fuel.
• Always have a specific location for direct delivery that is seperate from where the work is being done. This will assure that the work underway will not be interrupted and it will also protect the vehicle and the ground from any safety issues.
• At City Oil, our delivery personnel are thoroughly trained in proper procedures for fueling on-site and follow the following safety procedures:
1. Wear proper attire
2. Get as close to the equipment as possible
3. Shut off the fuel truck
4. Make sure the vehicle to be filled is shut off
5. Remove fuel cap, dispense fuel with nozzle until the vehicle is full
6. Shut off the pump and store the nozzle
At City Oil Inc. we are ready to provide fuel for any type of construction projects, be it large or small. It is our pleasure to serve the people of Connecticut, Massachusetts and the surrounding area.
Give us a call today at (860) 225-2575 or (800) 581-0000 or contact us online at We will be happy to explain our service and how it can help fuel your particular construction project.