Ways to Save Money Using Above Ground Storage Tanks

6 Mar 2018
Joseph Russo
People who use a lot of diesel, or other type of fuel, are finding a way to eliminate the need for constant trips to have vehicles filled. This inconvenience can be eliminated with the installation of a storage tank and a routine fuel delivery service.
Above ground storage tanks provide immediate fuel for farms, ranches, trucking, construction and industrial sites and other locations that use a certain type of fuel or heating oil. This saves money by allowing the continuing of a work project without having the interruption of shutting down for lack of fuel.
Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and the surrounding areas have a record of cold winter months. This makes it imperative that not only diesel powered equipment, or vehicles, have immediate access to the fuel needed for continued operation, but also for homes and business to have heating oil or even fuel for their own delivery vehicles on demand.
Diesel is classified as follows:
• Diesel powered equipment and vehicles – Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
• Over the road vehicles – Clean/On-Road ULSD
• Construction equipment, farms, generators – Red Dyed/Off-Road ULSD
These products have additives added during the winter months to protect against cold weather. These special condition additives include such things as Deicer, Cetane & Octane Improvers, Biocides, Cold Flow Improvers and other products. Diesel Emissions Fluid/DEF. DEF is also offered. This product, which is required by law in all new Diesel vehicles, is sprayed into the vehicle’s tailpipe to reduce emissions.
There are a number of myths regarding diesel fuel that have proven to be untrue. These myths are:
1. It is dirty. In reality, diesel engines must meet strict emission requirements and have special additives that burn off any smoke or soot that would otherwise be present.
2. Diesel engines cannot be started in winter. In reality, today’s diesel engines are especially designed to operate efficiently in all types of weather.
3. Fuel is hard to find. Actually, diesel is available at all gasoline stations. However, with storage tanks and direct delivery, there is no problem with having this fuel immediately on hand.
Companies engaged in construction find diesel fuel tanks especially convenient. This means they can save money by immediately filling their vehicles or equipment, as needed, rather than having to drive to the nearest diesel location. These tanks may be stationary or mounted on a structure with wheels for easy movement.
In addition to diesel fuel, storage tanks can hold heating oil, gasoline, or kerosene. This makes it convenient for any situation that requires a large amount of fuel at once or over time. Many locations, for example, find that having heating oil in a storage tank is an excellent way to save energy and reduce their heating bills. By having heating oil ready to go at a moment’s notice provides peace of mind throughout the colder season and is often cheaper than having to schedule multiple deliveries or just helps to lock in a lower price at the time.
The most popular fuel tanks range in size from 275 to 3000 gallons. The larger models are excellent for construction or trucking industry needs. All tanks must follow strict industry UL Fire Codes, NFPA, Osha and NFPA30 rules and regulations.
Connecticut has a Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code which includes NFPA 31 (Standard for Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment). All fuel tank service delivery companies that furnish above ground fuel tanks must follow this code.
Contacting a company that has a scheduled home or business fuel tank delivery service is a huge plus. It means there is a fixed delivery schedule with emergency delivery available. This assures the user that they will never run out of fuel when in the middle of winter or in the middle of a job. This can be costly as well as inconvenient to have an emergency delivery done.
A reliable fuel delivery company will have an excellent record of customer satisfaction. They will deliver an appropriate size tank and set up a delivery schedule that is convenient for their customer.
In Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and the surrounding area, working with a company that specializes in a product and provides reliable fuel tank service is essential if one is to conduct their business without interruption. City Oil is committed to providing quality products and services on time and and in emergency situations quickly and safely. We will be more than happy to offer advice regarding what type of above ground storage tank will best fit your particular situation. Contact us at 800.581.0000 or fill out our online form at https://www.cityoil.net/contact/ to get started on saving time and money on your fuel needs today.